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Providing a safe atmosphere for kids to enjoy themselves is the top priority for GVSLL. This Safety Manual is designed to provide basic information with respect to safety practices and emergency response procedures. It is to be used as a supplement to the Manager’s Handbook. In the event of any conflicts between this Safety Manual and official Little League policies, the latter shall control.

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The GVSLL Official "Light Rule" (Signaling the end of a game due to darkness.)

On the Western side of the concession stand there is a light which comes on when the ambient light reaches a certain level.  When this light comes on the following scenarios will happen:

 *   The batter will complete his/her at bat
 *   If the game is in the top half of the inning the game will end and the score will revert back to the beginning of the inning.
 *   If the game is in the bottom half of the inning and the home team is behind the score will revert back to the beginning of the inning.
 *   If the game is in the bottom half of the inning and the home team is ahead the game will end and the official score will be what the score is at that time.
 *   If the game is in the bottom half of the inning and the game is tied three different outcomes are possible
    *   If the visiting team was ahead at the beginning of the inning then the game ends in an official tie.  Whether or not this game is made up at the end of the season is up to the competition committee.
    *   If the home team was ahead at the beginning of the inning then the game reverts back to the score at the beginning of the inning.
    *   If the game was tied at the beginning of the inning, then the game is a tie and the final score was the score at the beginning of the inning.

Registration Checklist
Important information concerning registration. A MUST read.

Volunteer Application
Little League International requires that ANYONE who may have direct contact with players (Managers, Coaches, Team Mom, Field Maintenance, etc.) complete a Volunteer Appplication. If you are planning to help out in any way, please print out the form, attach a copy of your driver's license and mail to: GVSLL, PO Box 660, Goleta, 93116 Attn: Volunteer Form

GVSLL Code of Conduct

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New for 2013! Every family must have this document signed on file before playing for GVSLL!
Coaching a team is a very rewarding way to spend time with your child, share your knowledge of baseball and contribute to the community. A Manager takes responsibility for a team, including drafting the players and acting as the "Head Coach." Assistant Coaches are chosen by the Team Manager after the team is drafted.
If you are interested in Managing or Coaching a team, please fill out this form, along with the volunteer application and mail to: GVSLL, P.O. Box 660, Goleta 93116. Attn: (Division) Manager Application
Scorekeeping 101
This handout describes the simplified scorekeeping method used by GVSLL. Please familiarize yourself with this method, as each team is required to have a scorekeeper for all games. A LIVE scorekeeping clinic will be held during the pre-season. Stay tuned for details!

Volunteer Commitment Information
Families are required to sign up for one volunteer shift for each player. You will be asked for a $200 deposit check for each player, which will be shredded or returned to you when you work your shift. Parents volunteering as board members, managers, coaches, team moms, scorekeepers, etc are NOT exempt from the volunteer commitment. Please read this flyer to be sure you understand the commitment.
Concession Stand Information
Please read this flyer before working your shift. GVSLL has a great concession stand, which provides much-appreciated low cost food and drinks for our players and families. We need lots of parent help to keep it running! It's a fun way to contribute to the league and make the kids happy. Most of the volunteer shifts available to redeem your $200 volunteer deposit involve working in the stand.
Field Maintenance Instructions
GVSLL has some of the best fields in the state, and we are very proud of them.  Keeping them in great shape requires careful maintenace before and after every game.  Every team and league family shares in this responsibility.  Team Dads are the contact point for field maintenance, but they can't do it by themselves!  Read over this guide so you know how to help.
Manager's Handbook
The Manager's Handbook is an excellent resource for local rules and information. A MUST READ for all Managers, Coaches, Umpires and anyone else interested in understanding more about coaching and the league.
GVSLL Bylaws

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Sponsorship Form
Check out the exciting new Sponsorship Opportunities. There are many options for businesses and individuals to support the league, including team sponsorships, field signs and corporate sponsorships. In addition, there are opportunities to sponsor specific projects at the fields. Simply click on the SPONSOR link on our website's main page for a list of options and to pay online. If you have any questions or would like additional information, Visit Sponsorship Page
GVSLL Safety Manual
Every league parent is encouraged to read the official GVSLL safety manual to become familiar with safety policies and issues.  Each team manager has been given a copy, and is required to have it with him at all practices and games. The manual includes forms to report accidents, and articles on common baseball injuries.
Junior/Senior Division Rules
This document contains the rules agreed upon by GVSLL and DPLL, for Inter-League play at the Junior Division level.  Contact the GVSLL Junior Vice President GVSLL Junior Vice President with any questions.