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"Coaching the Young Athlete" Youth Coaching Course: Saturday Oct. 21st 9 am-11:50

Contact: Jeff Walker, 


Course Outline:


Introduction: Athletic Development Through Multiple Sport Participation

Part I: Coaching Principles

    Unit 1: Your Responsibilities

    Unit 2: Communication

    Unit 3: Safety and Fitness

    Unit 4: Teaching and Shaping Skills

Part II: Planning Strategies

    Unit 5: Coaching on Competition Day

    Unit 6: Season and Practice Plans




Junior Vaquero Baseball Camp

Contact Information


For information or questions about Vaquero Baseball Camps contact 310-844-5803 or email   


_-Demetre Kokoris
Pitching Coach
Santa Barbara City College
Pitchers will get instruction from a coach with an abundance of experience; having worked in the professional ranks and coached college baseball for over 10-years. The knowledge they will obtain is top notch & proven to work.  Every pitcher I've had the pleasure of working with has advanced their skills dramatically & has showcased a marked improvement in their overall performance on the mound.
Each lesson is tailored to the individual pitcher so they get the most out of their time.  Lessons are customized to fit the pitcher’s specific physical requirements and specific learning style.  They will work with an instructor who is invested in them as a pitcher, and more importantly as a person; someone who will work hard to tailor each lesson so it progresses at the student’s own particular pace.  I guarantee each pitcher will get better!
Lessons come in a 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute time frame.  Price is based on the number of students attending each session.